History of Merritt

Merritt USA LLC is a Registered Agent (License No. L17000242270) authorized for the set up and maintenance of Florida registered companies in the US.

We are a part of a group of companies that has satisfied several thousand customers since 1998 and we are still growing.

Merritt USA has four areas of activity:

  • Representation of companies with the Authorities as a Registered Agent
  • Company Incorporation and Renewal
  • Corporate Services
  • Providing a registered address to client companies and renting of offices via the Business Center of Merritt Work Spaces LLC.

Our team is made up of legal and accounting professionals who are at your service to ensure the success of your professional activities in the US and in the rest of the world.

Our skills

We are competent to help you in:

  • The set up of your company in the USA.
  • Accounting and administrative monitoring of your company in the USA.
  • Assistance with opening a company bank account in the USA in a reputable bank.
  • Validation of the legal and tax structure for your company. Please note that we can give no advice on the personal taxation of company managers or members. It remains your responsibility to be in good standing with the regulations of your country of residence regarding your personal finances.

To confirm the needs of your circumstances, phone and Skype appointments are possible as well as appointments in our offices. Do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment.

We have put in place all inclusive packages designed for entrepreneurs and SME owners so that you can concentrate fully on your business. With a single annual invoice, you have the guarantee of an efficient service with no hidden costs.

Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

To be the leader in company set up services in Florida for entrepreneurs and SMEs by constantly innovating and adapting to the needs of our customers, we:

  • Constantly monitor local and international legislation (tax conventions, national law, etc.) to be able to offer our customers durable and reliable solutions,
  • Choose to remain a human-sized company with a goal of quality before quantity so that each customer benefits from a personal account manager,
  • Adapt and improve our solutions to best meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

Our Values

Our ValuesHow We Live ItThe Added Value to You
ExpertiseWe are US specialists familiar with local and international law.Advice you can count on.
ResponsivenessWe respond to our customers within 4 hours maximum, 6 days week.Your questions answered. Now.
SustainabilityEstablishing companies since 1998 from offices we own, not rent.Reliable service for the long haul, so your company can grow.
VigilanceWe keep a constant watch on international laws and tax regulations.Relevant and timely solutions, so your business is uninterrupted.

Why choose us?

All Inclusive Package

We don’t charge for every service separately. You get an all-inclusive package with the set up of your company + a convenient and reputable registered address + assistance to open a company bank account + all the administrative formalities + consulting fee package. All in one bill per year with no bad surprises!

Corporate Expertise

Multi lingual advice by professionals. We are the only providers to include this type of advice in our package. You thus have the guarantee of setting up the business structure best adapted to your needs and to be accompanied by professionals throughout the life of your company.

Continuous Monitoring

Permanent monitoring of local and international regulations to ensure the continued viability of the solutions put in place.

Professional Secrecy

As a Registered Agent legally registered in the USA, we are not resellers. You can benefit from professional secrecy by using our services. You thus have a legal guarantee that we cannot provide third parties with information about your business. No reseller can assure you this.