The Company

Company TypeLimited Liability Company (LLC) registered in the state of Florida.
Authorized ActivitiesThe company may engage in any activity except banking, insurance and financial activities (such as currency exchange). The management of funds for third parties is not authorized. Certain activities require a professional license (lawyer, doctor, etc.).
Registered Local AgentOur company is “Registered Agent” (license n ° L17000242270) and will therefore be the Agent of your company.
Ready Made CompaniesNot Available.
Language used for documentsEnglish.
Company NameEnglish.

Main Members of a Company


EligibilityAny individual or legal entity regardless of nationality. A nominee is not permitted.
Minimum Number Of ManagersOne. At least one natural person if legal entities are also named.
Register of ManagersAccessible to the public.
Mandatory Local ManagerNot required. They can reside anywhere worldwide.


EligibilityAny natural person or legal entity, regardless of nationality. Nominees are not permitted.
Minimum Number Of MemebersOne.
Register of MembersAccessible to the public.
Mandatory Local MemberNot required. They can reside anywhere worldwide.

Shares and Share Capital


Minimum Number of SharesOne.
Maximum Number Of ShareholdersUnlimited.
Bearer SharesNot permitted.

Share Capital

Currency AllowedUSD only.
Minimum CapitalUSD 1. The typical amount is USD 100.
Maximum CapitalNo limit.
Release of CapitalThe capital must be deposited in the bank account of the company at its opening (usually in cash).

Administration, Accounting, and Company Bank Account

Administration and Accounting

BookkeepingBookkeeping is mandatory since it will be used for the tax declarations (even if the company and its associates are not taxable in the USA).
Annual AuditNot required.
Justifications of Expenses and ReceiptsAll expenses must be recorded. Misappropriation of Funds does not exist.
Company Balance Sheet Submitted to the AuthoritiesSubmission to the authorities is not required; however it is required for tax declaration.
Audit Report Submitted to the AuthoritiesNot requested by the authorities.

Company Bank Account

Bank Account LocationCan be located anywhere. But to benefit from banking secrecy and for the sake of your company’s credibility, we advise you to have your professional bank account in the USA.
Possibility of having a bank account in the USAYes.
Banks Offered in the USABank of America, Chase, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo
Internet BankingYes (for all banks).
Currency of the Bank AccountUSD only.
Authority and Access to the Company Bank You are the ONLY one to have access to the bank account of the company. We have no access to bank account. This means that we cannot act on your behalf regarding transactions with your bank account.
Bank CardVisa or MasterCard debit card.
Exchange ControlsNo.
Remote Opening a Bank Account No. The presence of at least 1 partner is required in Orlando for the opening of the company bank account.
Deposit to be made at the opening of the accountMin. USD 100 to be paid in cash on the account at the time of appointment with the bank.