We offer all-inclusive packages for the set up and annual renewal of your company in the USA: 1 invoice per year, ALL inclusive!

Packages are in US Dollars:

Company creation costs:
– All Company incorporation fees
– Florida Department of State fees
– Package fee (see details below)
Total: USD 1,000

Maintenance costs per year:
– All Company maintenance fees
– Florida Department of State fees
– Annual Tax Return filing
– Package fee (see details below)
USD 1,980 per year

– Total fees for the first year: USD 2,980 for creation AND the first year.
– Total annual fees from the second year: USD 1,980 per year from the second year.

To note:
– This package is for 1 associate natural person only (Single Member Limited Liability Company). This makes it possible to benefit from the tax regime of the “disregarded entity”, cf. https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/single-member-limited-liability-companies
– This package is only for non-residents and non-US citizens.
– The above costs are to be paid once for 1 year when ordering for the creation of the company and the first year, then each year once for 1 year on the anniversary date of the company’s registration for the annual maintenance costs of the company from the second year.
– Currently it takes approx. 45 working days (instead of the usual 2 weeks) to obtain your company’s EIN number. This number is required to open your company’s bank account.

We invite you to read this page concerning the time required to create a company and open a bank account.



  • Articles of Organization > these are the articles of association

  • Operating agreement > it is a document indicating the terms of the management of the company
  • Service fee > pay it one time; all is included!
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) > mandatory to open a bank account
  • eSeal > this is an electronic stamp for your company
  • Member Certificate > this is a certificate from your company proving that you are its partner
  • Board of resolution for bank account opening > minutes for the opening of the company’s bank account
  • Accountancy training > we explain how VAT works and your company’s accounting obligations
  • FREE assistance in opening a bank account > we assist you in opening a bank account for your company
  • FREE setup of invoicing and accounting application > Installation and configuration of invoicing and accounting software


  • Service fee > these are our fees for the maintenance of the company (nothing to add all is included!)

  • Registered Agent in Florida > it is mandatory to appoint a local agent to represent your company at the Registry
  • Registered Address in Florida > this is the address of the company’s headquarters, as indicated on page 12, it is a real physical address and not a PO box (this is important for opening a bank account )
  • Assistance for Annual tax returns filing > we complete the mandatory annual administrative and fiscal declarations at state level (Annual Report) and federal level (IRS, forms 1120, 5472, Part V). We are the only agent to offer it!
  • UNLIMITED after-sale support concerning your company > we provide unlimited customer support to answer all your questions
  • Coordination with Accountant > we provide a coordination service in French with the accountant of your company
  • Subscription to Merritt Updates > legal, fiscal and social watch on the USA sent by email
  • UNLIMITED access to Merritt.center > all administrative, legal and accounting documents of your company in a secure customer portal
  • Correspondence address in Florida (including UNLIMITED scan and forward of your mails and courier)we scan / resend your mail as soon as it arrives according to your instructions
  • FREE shared telephone number in Florida (with answering in English) > shared telephone number with telephone secretary in English
  • FREE domain name + WordPress pre-installed + emails > domain name + installation of a WordPress showcase site + email addresses


To Register the Company

  • Copy of your passport.
  • Copy of a proof of address dated less than 2 months: water bill, electricity, gas, etc. A certificate of residence issued by a town hall or consulate, etc. is not accepted.

To open a bank account

  • The original registration documents of your company (we provide them).
  • The original signed Operating Agreement (we provide it).
  • A Board Resolution deciding on the opening of the company bank account and authorizing a person to open the account (we provide it).
  • Original passport. It must be the one with which you entered the USA.
  • Proof of residence dated less than 2 months ago: water bill, electricity, gas, etc. A certificate of residence issued by a town hall, consulate, etc. is not accepted.
  • A second piece of identification with your photo and your name can be required: driver’s license from your country of origin, identity card from your country of origin, etc.

It is not required, neither by the Registers of the companies nor by the banks, to provide a business plan, bank statements, proof of activity, a CV, etc.

Do you have all the answers to your questions? We are ready to prepare your file!