Company seal in the USA

Everything you need to know about the company seal in the USA

Within your company, you may need to use a tampon.

How to use a company stamp correctly is one of the dilemmas you may face if your company has lots of documents to decide on.

  • What is a seal?

A corporate stamp is a way to confirm that a document is certified and accepted by all parties involved in the decision making. It is considered as the signature or official mark of the company. A company stamp will include:

– The name of the registered company

– The year of incorporation

– The state in which it was legally deposited

The company stamp should only be used with the permission of company officers. When the company stamp is affixed to a document, the signature of the Manager may also be required.

Traditionally, sealing wax has been used to imprint the stamp on company documents. More common today is the use of two metal plates engraved with the company stamp. The embossing leaves a clear mark on the paper when the plates are pressed firmly together. Alternatively, the stamp can be affixed using an ink pad and rubber stamp. It can also be digitized, this is called an “e-seal”.


  • When might you need a company stamp?

Important documents that might require a company stamp are:

– Employment contract

– Agreements with suppliers

– Sales contracts

– Minutes of meetings

– Leases

– Loan documents

– Government requests

– Legal documents

– Membership certificates

– Share certificates


  • Is a company stamp necessary today?

As many businesses change over time and transactions take place electronically, the company’s stamp is used less and less. Some states will now recognize the signature of an individual who has been authorized to act on behalf of the company rather than a company stamp. This is the case with Florida.