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American labour law: what you need to know

You want to set up your company in the USA, but don’t know how to deal with American laws. Contracts, minimum wage, working hours, paid holidays, social protections… But what rules apply in the United States? 3 key things to know about US labour law Oral employment contracts In the United States, there is a […]

Choose Florida to start your business

Choose Florida More and more entrepreneurs choose Florida and more particularly Orlando to develop their business. Setting up a business in the United States is not something you can improvise, you have to weigh the pros and cons and take an interest in the potential tax optimization that could result from it. Fact! The decision […]

Everything about the LLC in the US

What does this acronym refer to, which you must have come across dozens of times when talking about setting up a company in the USA? Is it the best legal structure to consider, what are the advantages? Let’s discover together the contours of this legal structure very appreciated by foreign entrepreneurs. What is an LLC […]

Everything you need to know about the company seal in the USA

Within your company, you may need to use a tampon. How to use a company stamp correctly is one of the dilemmas you may face if your company has lots of documents to decide on. What is a seal? A corporate stamp is a way to confirm that a document is certified and accepted by […]

Why is it interesting to open a company in Florida?

The American LLC is very popular with entrepreneurs because of its simplicity as well as the low costs of creating and maintaining this type of structure. However, setting up in the USA and more particularly in Orlando, Florida cannot be improvised! Our firm supports you in the process of opening a company and opening a […]

From Transferwise to Wise.

The FinTech giant, Transferwise, has recently rebranded to Wise in February 2021, to reflect its expanded product offering beyond just international money transfers. It has a new and fresh look, but maintains the same service focus: helping people manage their money across boarders more cheaply, quickly, and transparently. “Our customers now need us for more […]